Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Thriller sub genres & Enemy of the state analysis

A film sub-genre is a film that falls under one major genre but also has characteristics that can be linked to other genres.

Thrillers are no different and quite often thriller films contain sub genres such as:
Psychological thrillers: Conventions include mind games and characters having a fixation of some kind
Romance thrillers: conventions include murders, love triangles.
Political thriller: conventions include corruption (government or corporate) and espionage
Supernatural thrillers: convections include futuristic technology and aliens  
Action thrillers: convections include violent and fast paced sequences
Identity thrillers: conventions include secret identity’s and cloning

Enemy of the state:
 Throughout the clip the main camera angle used were Ariel/Birds eye views. The view from above gives the impression that people are being spied  on with the frequent appearances of props such as CCTV cameras and footage from stores and police cars .The  camera movement  of  panning well know  political buildings  such as the white house help the audience to identify with potential sub-genres. The fast passed editing helps to convey suspense’s with so many images flashing before the eyes of the audience they start to think about questions and try to come to conclusions about what will come next. The sound at the beginning of the clip is very fast paced with the distinctive sound of police sirens as the clip progresses the sounds of violins & strings become apparent which evoke empathy before silence is transitioned into the next scene before the clip comes to an end. Suspense is created in the clip by the constant movement and also the frequent changes in sound which change the mood and tempo of the clip .

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