Friday, 21 January 2011

Cameras: skills

Today in lesson we were introduced to the camera equipment. The camera is a famous JVC GY-HM100; this camera is a decent size, it is easy to carry and is portable, although we were advised to not go out on rainy because it is sensitive. It size allows you to carry it easily, moreover when filming in small rooms your safety is more assured instead of  a big camera- this would make filming easy because it's safe. The camera came with a bag which was used to keep the camera safe and so that if unexpected weather occurs to pack it away safely so it does not break.

The process we were taught to use the camera:
1. Get the memory card out of the container.
2. Open the A & B letters underneath- then insert the memory card.
3.after the memory card to insert the battery.
4.Open the shuffle (told not to touch the viewfinder or the lens as your fingerprints will remain).
5. After we switched the on camera on and started learning on how to make the camera focus and we were taught on what a good frame consists of.

When we finish learning about the camera we were taught on how to use it's partner the tripod, which adds the professional bit as it helps to make your work very still, when without you will be creating an unsteady work . Rules of the tripod:
1.  First we unlocked the legs so that they stood on the ground and were in the same position with each other- this is crucial if you want the screen to be equal in the frame.
2.  We learned on how heighten the pole that carried the camera, this was important in our group because we were planning on doing a lot of above the shoulder shots.
3. To be careful when carrying the tripod.
4. After finishing with it to put it back together and to put it in its kit.

After using the equipment all groups were told to return all equipment back to staff on time.

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