Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cinema Audiences


  • What makes a good suspense film?
  • A strong, thoughtful plot. Some of the best suspense films are movies that make you think. 
  • A good mystery; not knowing the answer adds the most tension. 
  • Characters we can care about. What's the point of having a tense situation if you we don't care at all about the characters? 
  • Music. The music has to set the mood perfectly. The best suspense movies of all time all had music that was fatally convincing. 
  • A antagonist that is vicious is more ways than one. 
  • Last, but not least, to be a great suspense movie, there has to be, well, lots of suspense. Not all thrillers are suspense movies, just like not all suspense movies are horror movies. Suspense can be created in a variety of different ways - and that's what the best suspense movies will do: create suspense when you least expect it.

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