Saturday, 29 January 2011

Documentary on Film Openings

As a class we watched the documentary called "watching".It gave a brief insight into the ideas that directors have for the opening of thrillers. Whilst watching the documentary we were give the task to answer some questions about the documentary .
1)The first question was when thomas sutcliffe says Films need to "seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many type of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible".He  means that when  a film director starts to think about the  ways to create the film so that it will  will keep the interest of the audience . According to Thomas  the easiest way to keep audiences interested is to use "instant arousal" which by you  shock the audience at the beginning of the film .
2) Director Jean Jacques Beniex thinks there are risks to instant arousal such as the director having to work even harder so that it lives up to the audiences expectations and does not leave the feeling fed up.Jean Jacques Benix believes that by letting suspense progress and build up  it will keep the audience more interested as they will be more keen to find out what is coming nest .3) A good beginning must make the audience feel that they don't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that they don't know too little " This means that the audience are given a clue to what may happen in the rest of the film but they are not completely sure and therefore it leaves the audience anticipating the rest of the film  .
4) critic Stanley  kanuffmann described the classic opening he used the example of establishing shots  of tall buildings in  New York city from the east , followed by close ups of windows then inside the window  ,past the receptionist desk, then into the private office.This classic opening seems to work as it lets the audience know where the action is taking place , the occupation of the hero and that every thing is well but most importantly it leads the audience into the story slowly.
5)kyle coopers title sequence in the film seven is effective because it wakes every body up and begins to tell the story as it introduces the main character and foreshadows what will happen in the rest of the movie  .
6)Orson welles  wanted  his title sequence for a touch of evil to plunge the audience in to the film but universal studios decided to put title sequences and music into the opening sequence because it was not what usually appeared in film openings.
7)"A favourite trick of Film Noir" The trick is that the beginning of the film starts with the ending.Then the rest of the film shows how the character get to the particular event at the beginning of the film .
8)The opening of The shining creates suspense as a helicopter shot of a car driving the camera follows the car from a high angle and from behind, giving the audience the impression that the car is being followed  as the camera is fixed on the object , the sound track also help's build up the suspense .

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