Monday, 10 January 2011


Intertextuality is a term used to describe the visible references between films.Intertextuality can refer to borrowing a specific text or scene and transforming it to another text or scene. For example using some specifics from a scene from a movie and borrowing it to use in another with similar hints that are visible to us.  

                                                    WHAT LIES BENEATH

What happens in this scene?

In this scene the man carries the woman up the stairs ti the bathroom where he places her in the bath with her bath robe on and opens the water tap.

In this scene some aspects have been borrowed from Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho". Some similarities include the running water from the shower as the woman lays in the bath ans the sound of the water.In  "What lies beneath" the woman lays still in the bath which connotes the scene from "Psycho" where Marion lay dead with the water running. Also some aspects from mise en scene have been borrowed, the white shower curtain which has also been used in the shower scene in "Psycho".The use of panning in "What Lies Beneath" able us to see the shower tap as the water runs down on the woman, this has also been borrowed and transformed from "Psycho" where we can see shots of the shower tap as the water runs.

This is the video which shows the entire shower scene from "Psycho".


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