Monday, 10 January 2011


Intertextuality suggests the interdependence of texts, the continual deferment of meaning through and between texts and or relationship between two or more texts that quote from one another, allude to one another, or otherwise connect. The movie Fatal Attraction and The Stepfather contain intertextual in references to the movie 'Psycho' (1998).


What happens in Psycho:
The women gets in the bath tub, couple of minutes later, through the use of Mise-en-scene we see a shadow appearing through the bath tub curtains. The woman turns around to see a black shadow; and then we hear soundtrack of screeching violins combined with the woman's high pitch, repetitive scream. Most of the shots are extreme close-ups, except for medium shots in the shower directly before and directly after the murder.

              Fatal Attraction: 
                                                                           What happens in Fatal Attraction:
The Clip begins with a group of adults coming out the building laughing and talking. Then there is a low angle shot of a man dressed in black entering the house. Women in white/creamy clothing. Both man and women fight, then she tries to stab him but he stops her.
Aspects borrowed from 'Psycho':
The male is wearing black clothes like the person in 'Psycho'. 
The sound of the water running is also similar.
And even though the role of the guy stabbing the women changed in Fatal Attraction- the knife being used is still very like 'Psycho' the film, even though both man and women do not  die and walk away alive.

              The Stepfather:

What happens in Stepfather and aspects borrowed from 'Psycho':
 In the clip we watched, the man gets a knife from the kitchen then chases the women up the stairs. The knife and the gender of the victim and villain is the same as 'Psycho'; moreover the Mise-en-scene has also been borrowed from 'Psycho' as the murder scene takes place in the bathroom. When the guy strikes to hit the women with the knife, she uses the cut pieces of the glass to stab his neck. Leaving him with no balance he grabs the bath tub curtains for balance, but then (like 'Psycho') the curtain rings break, and the curtain falls with the man.


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