Saturday, 22 January 2011

Newspaper edit

In lesson we learned on how to safely transfer the clips we filmed from the memory card to the computer. And to do this we first inserted the memory card into the USB port then we inserted the USB port into the drive safely. After we copied the video files to hard drive, we made a new folder ‘Group 2’; then within the file we imported the clips we filmed into the folder naming it ‘Newspaper first edit’.

Once we did that we started our process of editing by simply putting the best clips in order into the sequence. Once we did this we started playing around with the speed; to see how changing the speed of the footage can intensify the suspense in the clip. Other effects we used to make the footage look more effective is blurring- to make it look like the victim (who is the newspaper reader) is being watched.

Lastly after we finished editing the footage, we converted it on final cut pro to quick time- iphone type, so that when we uploaded the clip to blogger it could be a reasonable size.

From filming this footage I have learned that for next time, we need to take more clips with and without focus- so that we can play around and have more option when choosing which footage to cut or use.

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