Sunday, 23 January 2011

Newspaper edit

In today's lesson we learned how to transfer our clips from the memory card to the computer. We did this by inserting the memory card to the memory card reader and then inserting the reader to the video drive. we then copied our clips to the hard drive and created folder for our group called "Group 2" where we can safely store all of our work.In our group folder we then saved our clips from the short newspaper thriller video task.

After we have safely uploaded our work to the computer and saving it we begun our work on editing the clip. We used the Final Cut Pro programme to edit our video, we made sure we all had a go at editing the video so we could all learn how to edit clips. We have changed the speed of the footage slowing it down and making it more suspenseful.We also used some effects like blurring to make the clip more effective and tense as if were looking through something else's eyes.

After we finished editing and made sure we're all happy with our video we saved the work in our folder naming  it 'Newspaper first edit'. We then had to use Handbrake to convert the footage from MPEG to MPEG-4, so it's easier to view, on iPods,or the Mac Quick Time Player.and so that it can be easily uploaded to Blogger in a correct size.

From filming and editing this video I have learned that next time we need to take more than one shot so that when it comes to editing we can choose the best one.Also I have learnt how to use Final Cut Pro, and how to convert my footage using Handbrake.

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