Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Step Father

What makes the step father a thriller film ?
 In class today we watched the film  the step father and then were given the task to explain why we think the step father is a thriller film . 
The step father has several conventions of a thriller film such as ordinary situations in which  where the two characters meet in an every day setting( a super market )
This "chance" meeting  leads to circumstances which change characters lives for ever.

Another feature which makes the step father a thriller film is the sound , non-digetic music used through out the film which helps to create suspense and tension an example of this is at the beginning of the film when the first character is seen shaving the non digetic sound helps to create suspense with instruments used  such as the piano.
Another aspect of thriller in the step father is lighting when ever a murder is about to be committed there is dark lighting and often the use of shadow  .An example of this is when Mrs cutter is pushed down the stairs .
There are also  the use of tracking and quick edits an example of this  in the step father  is how time is compressed from when the two Characters  Susan Harding and David Harris meet to 6 months later which is when the climax of the film takes place .

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