Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Stepfather

 What makes the stepfather a thriller film ?

 The film the Stepfather uses codes and conventions, conveying daily family routine- when the Stepfather character was washing up, getting ready and having breakfast in the beginning of the movie. This is used so that the audience can be misled. But then through the diegetic sound of violins and slow paced, exaggerated sound, we are alerted that something is wrong- but not quite so sure what? Creating suspense and false plate ace.

False plate ace- making you think that something is going to happen but then it ends up being nothing- until it actually does happen; used to create false assumptions in thriller movies, so the outcome can shock the audience.

In the Stepfather they use false-plat ace; in the scene when the villain- Stepfather is in the old woman’s house. The false plat ace took place when the cat flew across the room, which caused the audience to think that the woman was going to be attacked. But just like all the other thriller movies when something is going to actually happen there is usually an over the shoulder shot. In the scene there is an over the shoulder shot of the woman looking at the mirror; just before she turns around ‘Bam!’ he was behind her, attacking her. They have done this so that they could heighten the audience suspense and tension, so that they can burst it with a sudden movement.

And all these element from the movie ‘Stepfather’ convey that the movie is a thriller; through the use of Mise-en scene (mirrors and bathrooms); sound (slow paced, exaggerated, violins and out of place sounds); editing (long period and over the shoulder shots) and camera (slow movements and tracking) - all these elements have been used to really emphasis everything, in process creating tension, excitement, confusion and suspense grow in the audience’s mind.


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