Monday, 24 January 2011

The Stepfather

What makes "The Stepfather" a thriller film?

The Stepfather poster.
"The Stepfather" employs a range of codes and conventions which make it a thriller film. This including the use of false plateau. This technique involves deceiving the audience into thinking a dramatic scene will occur. However more often, thriller films have dramatic moments in situations which the audience would not expect. This is used to successfully enthral the audience and to avoid the audience expecting every outcome of the film. Other features which "The Stepfather" uses includes the use of flashbacks. The main character in "The Stepfather" is often seen to be having flashbacks. In thrillers, flashback's are used to convey the negative points of a character, this often shown through past actions.  "The Stepfather", uses sounds and music usually expected of thriller films. The music used often includes violins to create suspense.

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