Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of thriller openings

In Lesson today we looked at several film openings , we realised that there are 3 main structures of thriller opening sequences.These are :
A Discrete title sequence:
An example of this would be the movie seven.. The title sequence is discrete because the features used in the title sequence are not linked to the film nor would you expect to  see it.The sequence has partly stylized editing, the majority of shots are extreme Close ups of the main character seeming creating a collage there is no narrative in the opening sequence, the only sound is that of the sound track.

A Narrative Opening With The Titles Running Throughout :
An example of this would be the title sequence of the film panic room .The opening sequence is of shots of several tall buildings, this is when the setting or main location is introduced to the audience .The names of the cast , production companies, directors etc..are projected on to the building whilst the sound track is playing throughout .

Titles Over A Blank Screen Followed by the narrative opening :
The Opening sequence of dead calm has this structure .The  first text to appear on the screen is  the production company, then the film title this stands out as the colour of the text  and the transition is different to the rest of the opening sequence  which has  a black background with medium white text that fades in and out from the centre of the screen.  The text transitioning is the names of the cast , production companies, directors etc with the sound track playing continuously until the narrative begins .

There is also another popular film opening that appears in thrillers called :
Stylized Editing: a film with this opening is Mesrine : Killer Instinct .The opening has elements of a narrative film opening,The first thing that appears on the screen is production companies transitioning in and out of the screen this is followed by the editing technique of split screens which introduces the main characters from different camera angles .

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