Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are three basic structures of film opening which we notice when we look at a film openings;these include a discrete title sequence which has been used in the film 'Se7en'. This is a psychological chiller it has no narratives in the opening sequence. The font used in the opening doesn't change throughout the sequence and the title uses the same font and it's not much bigger than other text in the opening, making it easy to miss.Throughout the opening sequence we see a  man removing his fingertips using a razor blade, taking a film out of a camera, writes in a book and makes a collage using photographs newspaper print making the audience fee suspicious as to what he's doing.

Another structure used in film openings is the titles running over a black screen followed by the narrative opening. A good example of  a film where this type of structure of a opening has been used in the 1989 thriller 'Dead Calm'. At the opening of the sequence the names start to appear in white on black screen increasing in size before they disappear and the title appears in red. The title appears in red coming from left and right sliding into position.Throughout the title sequence we hear a kind of wind blowing non diagetic sound.

Another structure used in films for the title sequence openings is a narrative opening with the titles running throughout. In some films the narrative openig starts immiadietly and we are intreoduceda good example where this type of structure has been used is

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