Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thriller sub-genre

Sub-genre of a film describes a film which can be classed under a main genre (such as thriller) but due to its distinctive features, can also be classed into a sub-genre (such as romantic thriller). Thriller specifically, has many sub-genres such as romantic, action, psychological, political, supernatural and acquired identity thrillers.

Romantic thrillers include features such as love triangles and conflict. (Next 2007)
Action thrillers include features such as violence and fast-paced scenes. (The Terminator 1985)
Psychological thrillers often include conventions such as mental and emotional conflict. (Inside man 2006)
Political thrillers include a political struggle between one side and another. (Stander 2004)
Supernatural thrillers may feature supernatural powers and/or alien beings. (The sixth sense 1999)
Identity thrillers often include a character taking on another’s identity or impersonating someone else.

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