Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis :Marathon Man

In class today we were set the task to analyse title sequences in groups.My group was give the title sequence of the 1976 film marathon man.The main aim of a title sequence is to present key production and cast members .

The first thing to appear in the title sequence is the production company Paramount pictures logo .This is followed by the names of the main characters fading in and out on a back ground of a marathon runner during a race.
This is followed by the centred transition of the film title. There is then a break from the text  which is followed by continued transition of names of : 
                                                     -music composers
                                                 -production designer
                                                     -associate producer
                                                -director of photography
                                                  -Screen Play author
The Paramount logo seems to be the most important as it has the most screen time with 17 seconds.The title of the film has the second most screen time in the title sequence with 13 seconds.

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