Sunday, 16 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis- The Marathon Man

 Today we were given the task t analyse title sequences of various thriller films. My group was given a 1976 thriller film, Marathon man .

The aim of a title sequence is to show and inform of the production company, cast members and the director of the film as well as the film title.
At the beginning of the title sequence the production company -Paramount Pictures logo appears on the screen and stays for 12 seconds followed by a long black gap which emphasizes the importance of the production company.
Followed by the gap "paramount pictures present" title appears white on black screen which again shows the importance of the company.

The names of the 2 producers and the director come up at the beginning of the sequence after the company logo.This is followed by a footage of a runner in a race with names of  actors appearing on top. as the names stop to appear , a transition of the title comes scrolling from left to right, connoting a running man.

This  is followed by a break and short clips from the beginning of the film appear from time to time after the break from text continued transitions of names appear of :co stars, music composer, editor,producer,director,production designer,associate producer, screen play author,production designer.

Names of producers and the director appear twice making them most important, during the title sequence, First time at the beginning and then as the last text of the title sequence.          

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