Saturday, 22 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis- The Marathon Man

In the lesson our group was given the task to analyse a title sequence of a thriller film- Marathon man, which came out in the year 1976.
    The reason for a title sequence is to inform and attract the audience about the directors, producers and cast members.

We are introduced to the film Marathon with the ‘Paramount’ pictures logo, the picture lasts for eleven seconds conveying its importance of the production and distribution company.
 After it fades:
·         For five seconds the production and Distribution Company appears
·         From 0.16-0.18 the Paramount picture is displayed,
·         0.18-0.0.21 Robert Evans and Sidney Beckerman producer’s names is conveyed,
·         0.21-0.24 director John Schlesinger’s name appears
·         0.24-0.40 a professional runner, is running- then he is framed in a image then faded.
·         0.40-0.044 cast name appears scrolling in order across screen.
·         1.05 The title name: Marathon Man scrolls across screen in the middle of the page.
·           1.25 Co-starring names appear
·         1.28 Music composed and conducted by Michael Small
·         1.34 Edited by Jim Clark
·         1.37 Production designer Richard Macdonald
·         1.40 Associate producer George Justin
·         1.44 Director Conrad Hall.

The producers and directors name appears in the beginning of the clip and the end, conveying their importance.

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