Saturday, 15 January 2011

What Makes The Stepfather a thriller film?

                            The Stepfather

What makes The Stepfather a thriller film?

The Stepfather has several codes and conventions that show its a   thriller film.Such as a normal day until we see the dead bodies of family members around the house, an everyday hero( Michael who saves his family) and a everyday setting which changes lives of some characters (the supermarket).

The use of non-diagetic sound creates suspense and makes the audience tense and anxious making The Stepfather a thriller film, an example of this is the scene where David chases Susan. A combination of violin, drums and cello make the scene very suspenseful. Another feature which makes The Stepfather a thriller film is the use of false plateau; commonly used in thriller films. The use of false plateau in the scene where Mrs Cutter after closing the door we are tricked into thinking nothing bad is going to happen . This builds up tension and its a build up to a scene where something bad is going to happen. There is also the use of editing  in The Stepfather to show how the time is compressed, two examples of his are when Susan meets David forwarded to six months later  and another is after the fight scene we see Michael wake up a month later in a hospital.

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