Monday, 7 February 2011

Evaluation of "The Confrontation"

The sequence we have created called "The Confrontation", involves a confrontation between two characters. This leads to angered dialogue and a murder. The sequence overall has a sinister atmosphere to it, this is due to the music and dialogue. The opening credits are effective in creating suspense as the music is dark. The criticism could be that the credits are maybe too long. The opening scenes are effective as jump cuts/match cuts have been used, this creates a sense of urgency which plays into the storyline. The over the shoulder shot draws the audience into the storyline and introduces the room well. The shot reverse shot between the character's is effective as it places importance to the dialogue between the characters. The high angle shot used adds a different perspective to the characters which seems as though it is notifying the audience something sinister will occur. The sound aspect creates suspense and fits with the scenes. Overall I believe this sequence is effective despite it's short length. What could be improved is the lack of close up shots, close up shots are essential as they focus into the emotions of the character. By completing this prelim activity, we now understand which shots are effective and which are not.

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