Sunday, 6 February 2011

How To Use Livetype

As part of our prelim exercise we had to create a text for the footage and import it to the Final Cut Pro and place it i  its correct position.

First you type your text in the left hand side of the screen in the small box on the right and it shows up on the screen so you know what it looks like and whether its the right size. The text cannot go over the green box on the main screen.Then you can choose you font , there are many types of fonts you can choose and experiment with the text. To make out text seem more formal we used the font called Copperplate Gothic Light. Then we looked at different textures for the background we found one that relates to a thriller we studied -"What Lies Beneath". After choosing the texture or font you have to apply what you've chosen to the track to make sure it works.

Then you can experiment with different objects appearing on the screen , we chose to keep our opening simple and used effects like fades. We made the text float away to make it look mysterious.

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