Monday, 28 February 2011

Planning Our Pitch

In order to start filming  as a group we had to create a Pitch to present to the class and teacher to show them our ideas and plans for the thriller openings.we had to include various information including the title of our movie and a treatment. We named our movie 'Demented' as during the film the audience gets an insight to a life of a insane  woman, showing her criminal activity and the struggle of Sylvia a head of Police department where the woman's last criminal activity has been reported, to catch the criminal . The main character is Kathy Miller a 30 year old divorcee who suffers from depression after the miscarriage of her baby. She takes a revenge by pretending to be the perfect nanny and after gaining trust from a family, she kills the baby and leaves without a trace.

Locations we planned to shoot were my house and a little park , we also had to include all the props costumes and other parts of mise en scene. For our filming we had to use a wig, glasses, mascara , mirror and a baby doll..

Before we could start filming we also had to create a story board including the title sequence.we designed the order of shots and flashback we want to use and the order of names appearing for the title sequence.The pitch also had to contain a production schedule where we had to plan what and when we were going to film.
We had to plan our film time carefully as we had the camera for only 4 days and we had to make sure we can get all of the filming done in the time available.We also had to include a risk assessment where we had to include all the possible risks, for example the risk of raining  when we were out filming, to avoid this we had to make sure to take an umbrella to protect the equipment.

Finally we had to plan the institutional details where we had to think of a company that would produce our movie and how that would affect our production, distribution and exhibition . We chose Paramount pictures as they have already produced some successful thriller films such as The Italian Job or Vertigo.This would affect our production as we would receive better financial backing from a conglomerate this would able us to be more creative and the movie would later be worldwide promoted and exhibited.

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