Saturday, 12 February 2011

Prelim Evaluation

'The Confrontation involves a confrontation between two characters which leads to a murder.The film starts with a person walking into a room. The camera follows the door character opening and closing the door with medium shots and some close up shots, we used this to create tension as a follow up to the murder scene.The film follows with a dialogue between the two characters  which results in a murder. The dialogue is suspenseful making the audience anxious as they they don't that this dialogue will lead to a murder.The sound created using soundtrack pro creates tension and the high pitched violin sound creates a spooky feeling to the film.

While filming we paid a lot of attention to the 180 degree rule , because we used over the shoulder shots for the dialogue we had to make sure that we film from one side and don't change sides.The shot reverse shot used in the dialogue is very effective as we can see each characters expression as it changes during the dialogue making the audience more tense every time the shot changes.The sudden change from shot reverse shot to a high angle shows that the dialogue is about to stop and that something will happen which makes the audience even more tense and anxious as to what will happen.

The opening title sequence is successful creating suspense as the background has a water effect making the film seem mysterious .Also the sharp edged of the letters make the opening title sequence more serious and tense.

As an improvement we could use more close up shots and extreme close ups as they make the audience focus on one point therefore create more suspense. Another thing we could improve on is make sure not to film when someone is passing by, as during the filming process and editing we didn't notice someone swearing on one of the clips used. We have tom make sure that we don't use any clips with  useless background noise in our final thriller opening sequence.

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