Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prelim Evaluation

The Confrontation is what the title is called, because it's about identity. The opening clip starts with a nameless character walking into the room, reveals the other characters identity then soon after the clip finishes with the nameless character killing the one that was already present in the room. The way the video was filmed was accurate as it conveys the match cut and 180 rule being used correctly, which created suspense and tension in the room. Dialogue used is suspenseful making the audience think- what the reason was for the killing.Moreover the sound used, using soundtrack pro creates tension and the high pitched violin sound creates a spooky feeling to the film, and when the character gets stabbed you can hear a slashing sound, making the audience feel emotions conjuring for the character.

The opening title sequence relates to What Lies Beneath; creating suspense as the background has a water effect making the film seem mysterious .The font is simple and sharp making the film opening look classic.

Things need to improve on: 

  • Make sure we count 5 times before and after so no voice or swearing is recorded.
  • To use more close ups to extend the feeling of suspense.
  • To have more variation shots. 

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