Sunday, 13 February 2011

Suspenseful moments from The Stepfather

While watching the Stepfather I noted down some examples of suspenseful scenes from the movie.

What happens in the scene?
First suspenseful moment is where the old lady enters back to her house and the cat suddenly jumps in front of her. This is called the false plateau, when she closes the door and no ones where we though something bad was going to happen. this build up tension as its a build up to a scene where something bad is actually going to happen, this also makes the audience anxious as they want to see what will happen to this character.

What happens in this scene?
Another suspenseful scene from the movie is when Michael is looking through his stepfathers stuff,while he suddenly comes back. Michael carries on searching. Its like a race against time as the audience feels anxious whether Michael will leave in time. This makes the audience  watch the movie with involvement as they want to see what happens to Michael.This scene not only creates a lot of suspense but it also make the audience more interested in watching the movie.

What happens in this scene?
Also another scene which i found very suspenseful is the scene where Michael is looking through the cabinets in the basement again its a race against time. Also when he drops his phone this makes the audience a bit irritated a they like the character and they feel as if something bad is going to happen to him soon and again involved in the movie a they watch. In this scene tense music has been used for example drums and violins to create a tense and scary feeling for the audience.

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