Wednesday, 30 March 2011

[Q3] Audiences

Our film Demented is centred around a female character, it involves psychotic behaviour due to the protagonists issues with babies. Due to the storyline of our film, I would think our film would be bested aimed at women. This film is also best aimed at women as thriller films are statistically watched more by women.

A scenario which could be used to detail who our target audience will be:
Zoe is a 20 year old university student. She studies Art and her hobbies include socialising with friends and going to music festivals where relatively unknown and aspiring musicians perform.  Zoe loves being original in clothing and often opts for vintage clothing from shops such as American Apparel and vintage stalls . Zoe and her friends are interested in music from independent artists and often watch independent films rather than 

The contents of Zoe's handbag:

Make up
Hair spray
Photography camera
iPhone 4

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