Monday, 28 March 2011

Q6- Audience feedback and comment

In today's lesson we watched everyone's title sequence and wrote a feed back. Then once we did this everyone got their feed backs and typed it up on wordle- this allowed us to type up our feedback and once we did that it picked out the main important keywords. Then I randomized the keywords until I liked the font. Afterward I pressed command, shift, four and took a snap shot of the keyword, and then I uploaded it to blogger.

The people who watched it were 16-18 years old, their reaction was not the exact reaction we wanted as they did not understand the plot so much, however they said that the sound helped them understand the film. 

In our presentation we based the target audience for teenager's and older. But now the film looks like it is more suited to 21's and over, as the younger the more inpatient the age group are; and our movie needs a patient audience.

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