Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaluation Q.6 :Audience Feed Back & Comments

In our lesson  today we watched everyones  finished thriller  openings whilst watching we were asked  to make constructive criticism on pieces  of paper which were passed along to the groups as feed back .Below  are two  word cloud's of the feed back .which my group received . Even though they may look like random words put together
 in a strange way they do make sense !

From the two word clouds i can gather that the main reaction to our thriller opening was that it conveyed suspense which was the main aim as suspense is one of the key features to thrillers .

our titles are mentioned  along with the comment that our discrete opening with the rippling water effect  was interesting although some said that they went on for a bit too long .The music was said to help increase tension and went with the name and indeed sound demented !!The opening shot -"classic opening " was said to be interesting and had the audience anticipating what would come next  along with our wide variation of shots & camera angles .The feed back helped to reinforced our initial idea bout the demography that our movie would attract in our pitch we stated that the age most likely to go and see our film would be over 15 year olds  of both genders and after a class of 16-17 year olds watching our clip this was probably an accurate assumption.

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