Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final Title Sequence

When we finished editing the film we began making the title sequence. We decided to put a clip of the main character looking at a baby scan picture  in the title sequence and then follow it by the title of the movie to make the title stand out.We created every title separately  and then rendered every title and then put them on the time line on final cut pro.

The font we used for the title sequence was Perpetua titling MT light. We chose this font because it was simple but effective against the complex background, for the background we used a liquid texture called Mercury, linking the opening sequence background to the one used  in What Lies Beneath.The plain font balances well with the complex background.

Here are some examples of screen shots from our title sequence,

                                                                                               At  the beginning we mentioned the director as we think its an important person in movie production.


After mentioning all te directors we put the list of actors .

and at the end after the short clip in the middle we put the title of the movie.

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