Sunday, 23 January 2011

The guidelines: Neville Brody's fave film fonts and opening sequences

The Guardian, Saturday 27 June 2009 papers include an article about Neville Brody's thoughts and ideas on his favourite film fonts, and opening sequences. Thinking about his quote "Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say the words".  I've been looking at his favourite film fonts to use for our project.

Public Enemies (2009 film

He said that the font font for Public Enemies was "... designed in a very constructivist, Soviet, communist style. My font is very solid, clearly masculine, immovable, and it has some very speci´Čücally naive details, like the way the horizontal strokes are all slightly too wide – we've taken out the optical correction. And if you look at the 'B' you'll see that the holes in the middle are a little bit too small – they look like bullet holes – which is very apt." 

Ideas I can take from this is the simple block font, as I want the sequence of our film to inflict the characters feelings. And I like how the impact of the Mise en scene and the font is balanced out and one is not over powering the other.

For Se7en he said:  "This shattered the mould completely – rough edge experimentalism from Kyle Cooper, who's done wonderful things with title sequences."

Again I like how he has combined both if the Mise en scene with the  font, they balance each other out finely. However the font used is really interesting because it convey the genre of the movie- Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller.

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