Saturday, 19 March 2011

Intertexuality from The Stepfather and What Lies Beneath

Our group film idea is based on this movie 'Stepfather' and What Lies Beneath; in the beginning the title sequence is like What Lies Beneath. We did this because one of the genre of our movie is mystery, and when I watched the opening sequence for What Lies Beneath- it makes you think, and that is important in a thriller as it conjures suspense. However, when the film starts in our film the character is in front of the mirror in the process of changing her look by putting make-up and a wig on, while in Stepfather he also changes his identity. This is crucial part of our opening sequence as it makes the character think, 'why is she changing her identity? She must have something to hide. What is she hiding?'. The intertexuality has been used to highlight the importance of the shots.


What Lies Beneath:

The Stepfather:


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