Monday, 21 March 2011

Life Type Text

For our prelimnary exercise we were introduce by one of the media technicians and shown how to use life type text and sound track pro.
First we added our titles to our preliminary sequence using  a program called life type text .We decided  to put all the titles at the beginning of our sequence this included the names of  main characters , directors and the title of our preliminary “The Confrontation” . We typed the text in to a box which then appeared on the screen making sure that the text did not exceed the green lines as we made this mistake before and our text was of no use so we had to start again.We then fiddled around with the different fonts, sizes and colours until we found one which we all agreed and were happy with . We chose a grey spooky back ground similar to the opening of what lies beneath  We also added animations to the text we chose to us one which made the text float. When we finished we saved and rendered the text and imported into final cut pro and placed it at the beginning of our time line.

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