Friday, 11 March 2011

Pitch Presentation

Below is the presentation we made to present our pitch.We chose to call our movie Demented as we though it describes the character well as an insane person.
We drew a story board that showed types of shots and a little description and any extra information, we also did a storyboard to show the order in which we want to make the titles appear.
This is a short explanation with main bullet points of what we want to appear in the sequence we want to film.
As part of the pitch we had to create a treatment, where we gave a brief outline of what the movie is about and what happens in it.
We mentioned what we learnt whilst making the newspaper edit and preliminary. for example  hot to use the camera and different angles.Also hot to edit and use Final Cut Pro, also make a title sequence using Live Type and make a soundtrack using the Sound Track Pro.
For the risk assessment we had to think of all the thins that could possibly go wrong whilst filming. For example damaging or losing the equipment we also had to think of what we can do to prevent it. For example to make sure we take an umbrella to protect the camera in case it rains.
We used some of the thriller films we studied as links for our thriller opening sequence. For example the opening of stepfather where someone changing identity, also we want to link our opening credits to What Lies Beneath by using a water effect for the background for the credits.
We want to use a conglomerate to produce our movie. This can give us many benefits for example more financial support.
Here we listed any props we need to use and the mise en scene. We also though about some ideas for the sounds we would like to use when creating a soundtrack.
We thought about what kind of target audience our film would attract.And we tried to aim our film at a mainstream audience as our film has a mixture of sub genres.
Our production scheduled is a simple plan of when and what we want to film .And what we want to have finished by the end of half term.

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