Monday, 21 March 2011


Below Are Screen Grabs of what we pitched to our class
 Demented is the title that we agreed on and we also thought that it helped to describe the main character well
 The story board had drawings of our planned shots and underneath the type of shot it was going to be.
 We recalled on all our previous experience with our News paper edit and  preliminary exercise and the skills we had learnt such as using new programs for example sound track pro , life type text and final cut pro.
 The risk assessment were the things that could possibly go wrong when filming which we assesed and found soloutions to the biggest risk was the camera being damaged or being left somewhere which thankfully to date has never happened .
 We used our  some of our ideas that we had about our thriller opening and linked them to other thriller films such as the planned beginning of our thriller where the main character can be seen to changing her appearance similar to the opening of The Step -Father 
                                       ^ This was a brief explanation of what appeared on our story board

 Our Treatment is a brief out line of our entire  film and the characters even though we are creating a 2 minute sequence

 Our Production schedule is of what we aimed and managed to accomplish in half term which is when we done the majority of our filming

We decided on using a conglomerate to produce our film as it would have benefits such as more financial backing meaning the film would be more widely promoted and has more of a change of being a success 
We thought our film would attract a mixture of audiences from both genders and a wide range of ages 
We listed all of the props and mise en scene that we thought would be relevant in our thriller opening also we noted any preliminary ideas we had about sound such as the instruments 

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