Thursday, 10 March 2011

Planning Our Pitch

This is our idea for our thriller sequence film:

This is the title of our movie, as it sounds twisted and it connotes a lot of bad things, conjuring a lot of thought in the audiences head.
 This is the plan on how we are going to film our thriller.

 This is conveying the type of shots we are going to shoot in detail. We are going to do this by using life type and sound track pro. 

 Here it conveys on the preparation that needs to take place before filming so that the camera doesn't get damaged and so that we don't waste time.

 We used our  some of our ideas that we had about our thriller opening and linked them to other thriller films such as the planned beginning of our thriller where the main character can be seen to changing her appearance similar to the opening of The Step -Father 
Here is the outline of our story.

 This is our treatment, conveying what would of happened if it was a whole movie instead of a 2 minutes.
Here just conveys what we need to get done during the half term. And what we need to do after.
We decided on using a conglomerate to produce our film as it would have benefits such as more financial backing meaning the film would be distributed worldwide.
Because our film does not have any sexual or unsuited stuff in it, it pretty much is viewable to all ages.
Here is the list that we picked out, we picked them out because they relate to our story and they symbolise the characters actions and history, we done this to make the viewer more intrigued to watch and find what what is going on.

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