Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Preliminary Evaluation

Our Preliminary exercise " The Confrontation " is what it says on the tin ! There are Two  character interacting in our sequence through a  range of shots which include over the shoulder shots . Shot reverse shot  all whilst obeying the 180 degree rule which are some of the strenths of the clip the shots that we do have help to convey the relationship of the two characters  . The film starts with titles with  spooky watery titles which were influenced by what lies beneath which we aimed to create a suspenseful atmosphere. The text used in the opening  accompanied by the colour and  Formal look  on the back ground helps it to stand out which is effective in catching the audiences attention .

The first clip is a match cut of one of the characters opening a door it was only after completing our editing and sound that we realised that there was the sound of someone swearing in the clip this could be over come by making sure that every one keeps quiet when filming commences or a rule that we were introduced to which was counting 5 seconds  after hitting the record button to avoid problems .
We used mainly string instruments in our sound track and at the climax of the clip more dominant noticeable sounds were used . We also used sound effects for the stabbing of one of the character  the sound indicated what occurred with out having to have conventional blood and gore .

Improvements that could be made are again being aware of surrounding sounds especially people ! We could have also used some transitions  and cross dissolves to help the clips flow better.Over all "The Confrontation " can be considered a success as it was our groups first hand on production and we have learnt valuable things that will be able to help us with our Final Thriller .

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