Thursday, 24 March 2011

Problems with Editing

While we were editing we came across a couple of problems which we managed to sort out.
At the beginning when we were just staring to edit we noticed some of our clips were out of focus to solve this we wrote down all the scenes that were out of focus and re filmed them. Another problem was the bad lighting, we wanted to use natural lighting but the clips were too dark and the character blended in the background too much, therefore we had to re film some scenes with lighting from college. When we re filmed all the scenes and were pleased with the footage we have we began arranging them in order.after receiving some feedback from out teacher about the rough cut we made, we had to change the story line and order of clips as many people including our teacher didn't understand what was happening and why. To solve this we created a little scene where character is seen looking at a baby picture scan with the images changing very quickly to make it seem crazy and show the characters obsession.

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