Thursday, 31 March 2011


The production of our video is a low budget independent film. The way the film is distributed will vary according to if it is a independent or mainstream blockbuster. The ways in which independent films get disturbuted are often through internet methods. These methods could include using websites such as twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, BBC film network, blogs etc. 

A few websites which are specifically geared towards distributing independent films are the websites YouTube, Vimeo and the BBC film network. YouTube can attract a wide audience whilst a site such as Vimeo will attract a more niche audience. 

This thriller film opening has been made by students and has received a lot of views.  It has received over 2000 views and has some comments and ratings. 

Our film will get distributed in a number of ways, the film will get cinematic screening and screenings amongst family/friends. Our film can also get distributed on the internet on a website like Vimeo where professional film-makers may comment. Our film will also get a 200 DVD release. We could also distribute the film through independent film festivals where if good could gain considerable attention. 

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