Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Q1. Forms and Conventions

I have looked at 9 shots from the title sequence from 'What Lies Beneath' which we used for our titles sequence as inspiration and at 9 from our final title sequence and I have compared them.

Both title sequences used an ident for the st shot. In the opening titles for 'What Lies Beneath' the ident of 20th century fox is followed by Image Movers a digital film studio. In our film the CandI ident is followed by Group 2 Films which appears over our Mercury liquid background.In 'What Lies Beneath' the two production companies names are then followed by 20t century fox and dreamworks pictures which is the first title to appear over the water effect background .In our film we also put the production companies 'Group 2 Films' and 'Timeless Productions'  over the Mercury liquid background. In shot 6 we mentioned the name of the film 'Demented' , in the film 'What Lies Beneath' the Image movers company appeared again but this time over the films water effect background. After we introduced the films name , we introduced the main character (shot 8) in a short clip 'flashback' where the character is looking at a baby scan picture . In 'What Lies Beneath' the watery effect appears throughout the title sequence and there are pauses between each title.After a pause on shot 7, the films name appears (shot 8) followed by introducing the character in shot 9.

Overall in our thriller film we tried to use the inspiration from 'What Lies Beneath' in our title sequence .We found a background effect which resembles the one used in 'What Lies Beneath'.We also followed te order of titles appearing on the credits. We introduced the important companies first then followed with the main characters name and finished with the directors.

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