Monday, 28 March 2011

Q1: In What Ways does your media product use , develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

I will be looking at & comparing  9 shots from what lies beneath and our thriller opening Demented 
 The first shot  is   of the ident in what lies beneath the first shot to appear on the screen is the 20th century  fox ident This is the same on our thriller as the first shot the city and Islington college ident  was used (1) both then fade to black .
This is followed by the images movers ident and on ours the  city and Islington ident changes to the candi studio ident    (2)
 which is then followed by the 20th century fox and dream works pictures (4) the production and distribution companies of the film as does ours with the next two shots which contain the names of
our production and distribution companies (4) & (5) 

Our Thriller then lead on to introducing the name of our film(6)& (7) &  where as What lies beneath carrys on introducing the production (7)
Demented introduces the first character in shot (8) and in shot (9) there is a close up of the objectin the characters hand . 
What lies beneath uses and watery effect (7) which leads into the title of the film appearing and inthe (9th) shot the first character is introduced  .

In our thriller opening we have made links to what lies beneath with the back ground of our title's which resembles the watery effect used throughout the opening of what lies beneath .The opening of our thriller uses what seems to be the  traditional forms and conventions of real media products one way that we have done this is by using the traditional sequence of titles with the introduction of companies etc.. also our thriller opening is seen to have links to what lies beneath  like the cloudy/ ripple effect that we used as a back ground this resembles the watery effect that is used in the opening of what lies beneath .

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