Monday, 28 March 2011

Q1: In What Ways does your media product use , develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

The nine title sequence shots that I will be comparing is What lies beneath and our thriller opening Demented. We print screened the shots that were similar from What lies Beneath and Demented, and out it in order using photo shoot. 

First the 20th century ident is presented first, similarly to Demented the City and Islington ident appears, which was made by the college, was used to protect the copy right law. After a black screen is conveyed in both. Third came the image movers in What Lies Beneath and the City and Islington logo appeared in Demented. Fourth a blank screen appeared in What Lies Beneath and the Group 2 Films production appeared in Demented. Fifth the actors presented appeared in What Lies Beneath and the Timeless Production appeared in Demented, then for number six the opposite happened. Number seven revealing the title- Demented and just a shot of the water background  in What Lies Beneath- with number eight conveying the title- What Lies Beneath. Number eight in Demented revealed the character disguised and number nine a picture of a baby scan; while in What Lies Beneath a ghosts face appears, just like the baby scan in Demented it is unidentified.
Our film followed a number of conventions shown by some of the film we analysed. 

One of these conventions used in our film was to do our credits over a background, with similar liquid like, blue background- which was inspired from What Lies Beneath. The way the title sequence was ordered has also been inspired by What Lies Beneath, structuring it with the ident being conveyed first, then the production, presents, title and image.   

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