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Q4 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Q5 - How will you attract/address your audience?

A couple of things we have to think about distribution and marketing of our movie is that its a low budget movie and made by an independent low budget production company. It has a shared cinematic with other students and a DVD release of 200 copies we also had to think in what ways we can use the internet to distribute and market our movie.

Ways to get our movie to the audience:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Independent Film Festivals
  • Leaflets
  • Review in a local newspaper
  • Our Blogs
  • Roll Over advert on CandI website 
  • Film Networks

We looked at three netwrok sites where we could distribute our movie to attract the audience. These include the BBC FILM NETWORK where amateur filmmakers can distribute their films, VIMEO which is mainly used by film makers, producers and students, and finally hugely popular YouTube where everyone can upload anything and attract a wide audience.

TASK 1. 

The BBC Film Network give young film makers  the opportunity to showcase their movies and helps them to get the movie out to the audience and the market.

I have found a short thriller film on the Film Network, called Playground by Mark Kuczewski.Its a short thriller about a man who picks up a young female hitch hiker.As they travel we find out more about the man's past , what his intentions are and how will the film end.

Films on the BBC film network are categorised depending on the genre, duration , title , region its from, or date added. This way the film can find its target audience.The are six main film categories : Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Music , Animation and Artist's moving images.


Vimeo is a video showing site for film makers, producers and students who are passionate about sharing the videos they make . The way it is constructed is different to you tube as not everyone can upload any video. Videos placed on Vimeo find their audience in a different way once a video gets a certain number of likes it is put on the main page being exposed to a larger number of audience and most likely to find its target audience.

White Red Panic (HD) from Ayz Waraich on Vimeo.

This is a short thriller called ' White Red Panic' Its about two guys mixed up in the wrong side of life, and the toll it takes on their character and soul.

I found the film by typing the key word 'thriller' in the search videos box.This way people can type in a key word and videos related to that word can be displayed to the audience.
On Vimeo the users can look through channels and find or showcase films or share their videos with communities helping their or others movies find their target audience.


The final clip is from hugely popular Youtube. Videos uploaded here reach a wide audience all over the world, this way they can attract any type of audience ,many videos are show on the side bar with similar or recommended videos to the one someone is watching.Users can post comments and rate the videos.

This is a short thriller film I found made by As Students from another school.
The school has its own YouTube channel where all the films made by the students are uploaded. this way the public can view them comment, and rate. On the side there is a suggestions bar which show similar videos or more videos from this channel this way someone can look through these videos. This also helps other videos find their target audience.  

To promote our film and help its find its target audience we uploaded our film on Facebook where our friends can view it and comment. Also our film was shown in a cinema in front of other media AS students and the film will get a DVD release of 200 copies with other AS media films.Our movie is also uploaded on Blogger therefore the public can also find it for example by typing a hey word like 'demented' into Google search.

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