Thursday, 31 March 2011

Question 4 and 5

How you address and attract your audience? Our film is a small budget, independent film. So our distribution money is limited. However now there are a lot of ways using the internet to promote the movie without spending a lot. Our clip is viewed on Vimeo embedded onto our blogs right now and it can be uploaded onto youtube to gain more viewer's- where independent films  The three effective ways to promote our clip is using:
  • Vimeo: Film sharing website, the way it's constructed is different: semi professional. 
  • Youtube: Used by a mainstream audience, wider range of audience.
  • BBC film network- allows younger people the chance to get their clips get noticed.
If you look at youtube you can see a clip of a low budget film, for example Drip:
Drip has had 1,171 views and comments, which allows the audience to get there review across if whether they liked the movie or not.

Examples of the review:
  • Yes, I agree, for such a low budgeted film I thought it came of quite authentic.4 stars.
  • I love the part with the blood dripping from her hand, great job!

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