Monday, 21 March 2011

Scary Shot Types

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Before we begun our preliminary Lousia explained to use some of the shots that should be used in our sequence they were :A Match cut ,A shot/ Reverse Shot , 180 Degree rule 

A Match cut used in film editing is when two similar shots containg two different object’s or spaces etc  are edited and cut together to match linking the two.An example of a match cut is if there is a shot of someones hand on a doorhandle then the next shot will show the door opening and perhaps the person walking in as our group did in the preliminary exercise.

A shot /Reverse shot : is when one person (1)is usally seen looking at another person(2) then there would be a shot of person (2) looking at person (1) this process may be repeated several times to give the audience the impression that the two people are looking at or having a conversation with one another

The 180 Degree rule involves two characters in the same scene an imaginary line is used and  the camera should be shot from only one side so the audience is not given the impression that the character have moved.

These shots were used in our preliminary and some  will also be used in our final thriller opening 

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