Monday, 28 February 2011

Scary Shot Types

I thought that it would be useful to look at some scary shot types used in thriller films before we began filming, so that maybe I could use some of these shots to make my thriller opening sequence more thrilling.

Long Shots-

Long shots enable the audience to see the surroundings as well as what'sin front of them. This creates tension as we are anxious whether something will happen.

Medium Shots- 

Medium shots show the character, but also it gives a chance to see the surroundings of the environment which relate to the scene.For example in Psycho we can see the stuffed birds in the shot.

Close Up Shots-


Close up shots bring the audience closer to the character , the intensity creates suspension as we can clearly see the characters expression.

Extreme Close Up Shots-

Extreme close up shots create a lot of tension as the audience is made to focus on one particular points for example someone's eyes or a match at the end of a cigarette which can be very effective when shown on big screen.

Over The Shoulder Shots-

Over the shoulder shots also create tension as the audience know something which the character is unaware of.

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