Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sound Track - Creating final sequence

Creating our sound track wasn't as confusing as when we were creating our preliminary exercise  as we had our preliminary ideas about sound and had a rough idea of what and where we wanted our sounds . After importing our movie from final cut into sound track pro We chose two main sounds which were dark drone suspense and a clock tick. The dark drone suspense  sound helps to create an element of mystery which is used through out the sequence  and the clock tick is a sound which we decided to use to help indicate flash backs .We placed the sounds on the time line and also stretched and cut some sounds so that they started and stopped at the right time. Whilst listening through our sounds we noticed someone speaking in one of our clips after lots of fiddling we had the idea of splitting the sound where the speaking began and cutting where it stopped which left us with a block of unwanted sound which was deleted

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