Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

when you look at film openings you will notice that there are 3 basic structures which are followed:

A narrative opening with the titles running throughout. Mesrine: killer instinct is a french movie, the opening structure of the movie has conveyed a narrative opening: the editing in the beginning is stylized editing; the music builds up to a crescendo and throughout the beginning of the movie spilt screen has constantly been used to convey a sign of suspicion. The film uses 1970's imagery and film techniques. 

A discrete title sequence. Discrete title sequences are separately edited sequences that stand apart from the film opening. They are stylized and heavily edited, and they support nearly all of the opening credits and film title. An example of a movie which contains a discrete title sequence is the psychological chiller movie Seven (1995), which also has a resemblance . The movie has no narrative- but produces a combination of music and editing only. 

Another structure used in film openings is the a title over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening.This type of editing contains a lot of close ups.

Stylized Editing is the other type of editing, this editing was also applied to in the movie Killer instinct. The page spilts into introducing the characters and their identity through secretive walkes and close up of the characters.

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