Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Q3-Target audience for media product

How you address and attract your audience? Our film is a small budget, independent film. So our distribution money is limited. However now there are a lot of ways using the internet to promote the movie without spending a lot. Demented being a psychological and a little bit of supernatural thriller; is set to attract a specific audience. One I had in mind is a person like Jack. Jack is 21 years old, he is a university student who studies psychology and is interested in the supernatural. In his spare time Jack works in Starbucks and has a girlfriend, who he takes to cinema regularly. In his spare time Jack reads Newspapers, were he tries to see the best movie review. He also is good with technology owning a iphone4- were he goes on internet- youtube and vimeo to see the new film trailers and spoofs of the film. 

Ways to get the target audience attention:
  • Posters 
  • youtube
  • facebook
  • advertising banners
  • roll over advert- Candi website
  • blogs 
  • flyers 
  • film festival 

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