Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Confrontation sound edit

Today we inserted sound into our video, by clicking in and out on the work we added and wanted to import to the soundtrack. Then we went to file then export- where we saved the work as Final prelim- Confrontation . Once it was saved, we went to soundtrack and imported it by dragging it to the video window.

Once the work was imported to soundtrack, we as a group decided on what sound to use; after that we started looking through the sound tracks and played around with it till we decided on what soundtrack we wanted to use. For the beginning we used very code like intense soundtrack, the sound sounds similar to the beginning narrative  of the movie Seven. We did this as it relates to the title the 'Confrontation'- which connotes secrets and government.

Throughout the clip we constantly kept adding sounds like the 'sword stab', ' to intensify the clip.

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