Monday, 28 March 2011

Q3:Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product ?

I think the typical audience for "Demented " would be a 20 year old female called Jennie .She is  a  part time sales assistant who attends university where she studies  Drama . She still lives at home with her mum & dad .  Jennie greatly  enjoys socialising  with friends in activities like going out for meals and visiting the cinema.She enjoys a wide range of genres of film  and her favourite actress who she aspires to be as successful as is Angelina jolie   Hobbies of jennies include  shopping  she likes high street brands such as top shop and river island to listening to music her favourite genres are pop & R&B   Jennie is a lover of coffee and  also has interest that  vary from photography  to sports she tries to get to the gym as a often as she can. Jennie is also a fan of technology and had some of the latest gadgets like an ipad & Blackberry .
I think the content of her hand bag would look a little something like this 

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