Thursday, 7 April 2011

[Q2] Representation of social groups

The character in our film "Demented" has been inspired by the female character in "Fatal Attraction". The character's are similar as they seem to have split personalities, in relation to "Fatal Attraction", the character is seen to be innocent whilst being attacked, however she then changes and become aggressive and violent. Our "Demented" character is seen to be quite "normal" when sitting on a bench and looking at a baby scan. The character can be seen to be sad as she has lost her baby. However, she changes her appearance and her behaviour when she is seen killing babies.
Character attacking man with a knife

Character attacking baby with knife

[Q8] Looking back at preliminary task

Final film opening credits
Preliminary opening credits

The credits for our opening for both the prelim and the final film are very similar. For both we have used a watery effect. We improved the effect by making the colour of the watery effect darker. This was done to make the opening seem darker and more fitting to a thriller film's opening.

Preliminary scene
Scene from our final scene
In our preliminary film we used shots that cut out the head of the character, in our final film we made sure to have a gap between the head and the screen.

In our preliminary film, we did not use any effects. In our final film we made sure to use effects that were relevant. For example, we used fades to switch from flashbacks to real time scenes. 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Task 4: 
From the research I have completed I can see certain similarities in the ways our clips have been distributed & Exhibited .The first most obvious one is that both have been placed on the internet by being embedded on to a web site  our thriller film has more of a link to Copy Cut  as they have both been made available  on vimeo but our thriller could still make its way onto other forums such as you tube .With the websites having the function where people are able to view , rate and share opinions on the clips.

Also as many independent films are screened at film festivals we will be having a screening of our own ! 

where all thriller openings will be displayed .As well as the 200 copy dvd release 

Q7: What Have You Learned About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product


Q8) Looking Back At Your Prelim , What Do You Feel You Have Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product

Before we started planning and making our thriller opening sequence we did 2 experiments where we filmed 2 short sequences. First one was a Newspaper thriller where we had ti create a suspenseful short thriller by using different camera angles and edits. this exercise helped us to learn how to use the camera also editing programs such as :Final Cut Pro, Live Type to create the title sequence and Soundtrack Pro to create  sounds.
The second exercise was a Preliminary thriller film ,this time we had to create a short dialogue and plan the whole sequence ourselves.Also we had to use shots like Match cut, follow the 180 degree rule and over the shoulder shots. This helped us to prepare so when we have to film and edit our thriller opening sequence we would know what shot types to use.

These are some shots from our preliminary film called 'The Confrontation" for the title sequence we used a liquid mercury background in grey with white font. We tried to use a similar font to the one used in 'What Lies Beneath'.The background has a water effect which makes the title sequence more mysterious.

This shot and the next one are examples of match cut, we used it in the scene where Nelema opens the door and enters the room, we changed shots from a close up of her opening the door to waling in the room and then to extreme close ups as she closes the door.

Throughout the short movie we also used over the shoulder shots during the dialogue and we followed the 180 degree rule.

These are some of the shots from our final thriller opening sequence. We used the same background for the title sequence to the one used in our preliminary exercise. Again we used the inspiration form what lies beneath of the water effect to make it more mysterious.However we changed the colour to avery dark grey to represent the movie as its also very dark.

Throughout the shirt film we used various shot types, such as over the shoulder shots close ups, extreme close ups, wide shots,panning, etc.

Q8) Looking Back At Your Prelim , What Do You Feel You Have Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product

Lessons learnt in the preliminary in the filming stage were valuable  use to us when filming our thriller opening little things like counting five seconds after hitting the record button  before we continued with what we were shooting . as those five seconds were valuable in the editing process if any cutting of clips needed to be carried out which we found out and had to re shoot due to the clips being to short.In our preliminary we mainly focused on including shots such as 180 rule , match cuts and over the shoulder shots .
Another valuable filming experience we had was the framing in shots . In one of the shots in our preliminary part of the characters head is not shown  we also were careful of the mise- en – scene as different objects that may appear in the clip can connote different meanings which could alter the point we were trying to get across  . Something else that we learnt was to be aware of the digetic sound  as whilst filming  our preliminary after the completion of editing and uploading to the blog we realised there was the sound of someone swearing .
From the editing process we learnt lots of the technical aspects of a media production our preliminary  task  which is where we made most of our mistakes  were made as it was our first real time using the equipment and the software on the Mac which were totally new to everyone in our group  the such as final cut pro , sound track pro and life type text , hand break etc. 

above are two screen shots one from our prelim and the other our final product
We decide to use the same ripple effect in both our prelim and in our final product .We decided to us the ripple effect again as we felt it was effective in creating an suspenseful atmosphere .One thing that we did change in the titles compared to our prelimnary was the font we decided to change the font as we wanted something to represent our main character.

Another similarity was the shot types we used over the shoulder shoulder shots to convey mystery

This is ascreen shot of where we made a mistake  with the framing of a shot as you can see we cut of the characters head after watching through our edited sequence and noticing this .We were able to progress from this mistake in demented as we tried our hardest to make sure that all shots were framed as they should be .

Our audience feed back from our cinema screening was great
and I managed to find someone who had something to say about our thriller opening !

Question 8 Looking back on our preliminary

In Confrontation we did not follow the order of were the directors and producers name went. But this taught us to use it for Demented. However the title sequence for Confrontation inspired us to use the same background for our title sequence.
This is our title sequence for our Confrontation prelim. When doing this we learned to darken the colour for Demented- to make the background look more professional. 

In Confrontation we did not use the shot rule- to shoot a few cm above the head. So the shots did not look as professional, while in Demented, we learned to shoot a few cm above the characters head.

Another thing that wasn't thought of well in Confrontation was the Mise en scene.                             

Again this is another example of bad shooting of the character, camera should of had the characters whole head in frame

In this screen shot you can clearly denote that this type of shot is not correct as there is too much space in the right, the camera does not focus on the character- character should have been in the middle.

In contrast to Confrontation, Demented has an iIdent and it follows the classic rule of film opening sequences.
Our group name was used to submerge as our film company. We used the same background for Demented as it reminded us of What Lies Beneath, we wanted it to relate to What Lies Beneath as we wanted our audience who watched it to have the same mysterious reaction it gave us.
  In Demented we created our own production- Timeless Production.
Here the camera captures the character correctly allowing the audience to focus on them.

Q7.What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have used the Quick Time Player to record the screen while creating title sequence using Live Type for our thriller film.The recording shows the process of creating a title which I have learned while creating the titles for our final thriller opening.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Part 3:
In our lesson we researched 3 video networks the BBC network  , you tube and vimeo  all of which help independent films get distribution and exhibition .
An example i've found from you tube is called Scape Goats .it's an as media production from a couple years ago which has been uploaded on to the site . One way in which the people who created this clip attracted an audience  was by attaching a  "Tag " to their clip so if anyone types a certain word into the search box which  they have tagged their clip will appear as a result . This is an effective way as at times people may not be looking for a certian clip but come across by accident .Also as you tube is an world wide forum used by so many people in other countries may come across it and are able to comment and rate .

The Second clip that i found was one from vimeo called copy cut .vimeo unlike you tube has a niche audience and i my self did not know about it until  it was being discussed in class.Vimeo is a site that was created by film and video makes to share their work and this seems to be there main audience .A way which video's may attract audiences on vimeo is the feature of users being able to " Like " video's when some video's reach a certain amount of likes they are embedded onto the home page of vimeo .By doing this it is more likely that the clip will be seen by more people and even attract a different audience as having it on the home page when people log on to the site it is the first thing they will be greeted by .

The Third and final clip  i found was from the BBC  film network it's a slightly longer clip called Waiting for the end of the world.The BBC film network is specificity for British film making which is a contrast to You tube and vimeo showcasing world wide . The BBC film network also has a rating system with a link on the home page leading to some of the clips with the highest view . Also the BBC film network has catagorised all short films in either : animation , Artists Moving Image ,Music , Drama , Comedy and Documentary  . The site also has three short films advertised on the home page again which would attract audience as it is the first thing they are greeted by .

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Part 1 :
Initially we wanted our media product to be a  main stream blockbuster produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures until we realised that our finished product  would not be an accurate representation. We then realised that an independent low budget production company would be more suitable and we came up with the name group 2 production (  the name of our group !) .By using a independent low budget  production company a different distribution will be necessary as a lack of funds would mean world wide release would be out of the question . So instead negotiating with distribution companies alternatives like posting on the internet would be used for low budget productions

Part 2:
The internet is one of the most important resources for small independent media productions .Mainly because small productions have low budget and the internet can help with distribution and marketing as well as attracting an audience as most of it is free.Some of the most popular ways the internet helps with marketing are the use of social net working sites , such as Face Book where users can "like " and see images of production, embedded videos and links  etc  . Twitter were users can follow and receive up to date information on productions such as the block buster avatar {print screen ]
Another way the internet can help is the use of blogs much like this one , people may choose to post information on personal blogs where they can share thoughts and opinions.On of the biggest and well know is the public domain you tube where videos can be streamed and links can be placed , you tube have been known for helping videos to become over night success with views going from a couple hundred  to millions and being seen worldwide .
These types of web pages usually attract from young teens  to forty something's  onwards which gives independent media productions targeted at all different demographic's a chance .